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Need Help

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Iam trying to order the evc2 since a week.

I do always get the message i need to put a phone number in otherwise it cant place my order.

The wired thing is there is no place to put my phone nr in?!

So i try to cr8 a account and put my phone nr there.

But it wont let me order the evc2 even if iam logged in.

Can you take a screen shot?


Checkout Page.

Right below the question "Do you have a coupon?"

"Billing phone is a required field"

But there isnt any empty field where i can put any number in.

Screenshot i coming.. need to switch pcs and gray out shipping addresses..

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It should look like this...



With billing and shipping address listed as the same.

Ok let me try to explain.

I try to order 2 evcs a display and a test clip. So i put everything into my cart.

Than i do check my cart. Everything is listed like it should.

Below i have to choose a shipping type.

Than i get the option proceed to checkout or paypal.

It doesnt matter which i choose.

Ill always get to that checkout page were it immediately says you do need a billing phone. Without giving me any field.

No it doesnt look like your pic. Seems like iam getting to another page instead.

Now it works!

Did you change something? Cuz i didnt change anything. 

Anyways thx for that fast response.

That shows right before you click either checkout or paypal.


Here is what I did.

1 Shop

2 Product

3 EVC2 Add to cart

4 View cart

5 Proceed to checkout

6 Take checkmark out of Different Billing Address and fill in information.

And that's how i get to that section. The phone number also needs your country code. USA is +1(000)000-0000


Then later i got n email wanting my phone number again. I think it was because I forgot to put in the Country code.


Quote from oceanofwisdom on 2019-07-09, 00:52

Now it works!

Did you change something? Cuz i didnt change anything. 

Anyways thx for that fast response.

Nope, I did not change anything. I don't work here. LOL


Glad it's working. 🙂

wired was trying like 200 times before.. 
felt really stupid. than i had the opinion maybe its a secret field or something so that known overclockers have some chance to get the device first or you have to be allowed by elmor to order^^ i know.. but when you try couple hundred times and always received a msg asking you for a phone nr without giving you a place to enter youll finally get to such ideas oO;

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