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IR35217 I2C


I hope you guys are doing well.

I find a lot of useful information on your forum, thank you for all the contributions. 

I'm still trying to understand few things though, which may have been already answered or described somewhere else.

Now from what I understood, for example, if I have a controller chip that is living on a graphic card and I want to modify its firmware I could use the evc2se to read and write to the chip, of course after connecting the correct I2C pins, I saw you mentioned pin 24,25 for the 35217 in another useful post here

Do I have the correct understanding or something else is required, of course the graphic card in question is not working because the controller is not working/programmed correctly for my RX 6600XT. So its missing all the 8 phases (6 GFX, 2SOC)

All my best,


Hi, writing the firmware through EVC2 is not supported. It can only adjust volatile registers. To re-program the IC you may need this tool from the IC vendor

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Thank you elmor, I appreciate your input. I looked it up as per your reference, this is very helpful information.

I will go the investigation route, and try to figure out what I2C tells me, I will connect it directly to my ESP32, which may give me some useful insights, this was the same way I could figure out the SMBUs protocol commands for smart batteries, and managed to use a laptop (chrome book) battery on my newly created ropotato (robot name).

Thanks again.

All my best,