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What 3090 would be the easiest to attach a EVC2SX?

Hello all,

First post and I just wanted to thank all that contributed to the knowledge base as well creating these very unique products. Hoping I'll have some fun with the EVC2SX I purchased.

I have seen the vide0 from der8auer Which does show the asus tuf has a convenient place to attach the leads. Although from another video I watched it appears you need to remove the heatsink to get to the screws to the backplate. And it seems some boards don't have any apparent attachment points at all. I located a few pics on the forum and discord. My fine soldering skills are minimal. So, what are some of the easiest boards to mod with the EVC2SX? I heard an off hand remark about the ZOTAC and I have a FTW3 Ultra coming in the mail. I don't know where to make attachments on that board. I could sell FTW3 back on ebay for another card. I actually got it for just over cost from someone who was no fan of the ridiculous markups that appear there. 

Thanks for any help

Hello, I think it's still TUF/Strix because of the convenient solder points. You don't necessarily need to remove the backplate as you can reach the solder points from either front or back.

Thanks for the quick reply.