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SOP16|SOIC16 Clip Shop Request

As there are scenarios and current boards already do ship with 32mb and higher flash
I'd like to request if you can get a similar to this:
Set for the Shop , to make people who buy the EVC2 , the live easier
- or increase the SOIC8 clip price to 10$ ~ adding both SOP8 & SOP16 Clips with one SOP16 to 8 adapter ~ to be more future-proof
added cost for a SOP16 clip should be 2$ , while we only need one 16to8 pinout PCB | making 10$ for both clips + 16to8 adapter reasonable from a business standpoint

I can look into sourcing this and adding it to the shop. Do you have any example of a board that's using this type of flash part? Most boards I've seen with 32MB+ flash parts are using WSON8 package.

Example from Crosshair VIII Hero:

Sorry for the late response
Yes i wanted to add it
Somewhy the X470 Taichi has a strange SPI header, unsure if it even has one

But the chip is SOP16
I pinged you also on OCN twice to check if the SOIC8 clip would actually fit on SOIC16 chips , as the linked one looks universal
I'm not sure tho what the difference between 150MIL and 300MIL is - they advertise for the clips

This header should fit the supplied Asrock cable, same as on other boards.

Edit: From another angle I see that the pinout is different. Not sure why Asrock would change it ... The pinouts don't overlap with 8-pin/16-pin parts so you'd need the SOIC/SOP16 test clip.

150 mil = 0.150 inch = 3.81 mm wide body

300 mil = 0.3 inch = 7.62 mm wide body

Sorry I don't have notifications on for mentions on OCN and am only manually checking sporadically

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Yes, thank you for the mil clarification 🙂
It was the reason why i asked for a SOIC16 clip in the shop, or a set with both, as we only need once a 16 to 8 pin adapter
like the one i linked / well similar, they are nearly equal all of them ~ idk if only the clips would be easier (1-2$) or a pre assembled clip + header
Just to make the life easier for people when they pay import tax and have faster delivery (2 weeks instead of 5-6 weeks)

I should have a few of these clips available during the coming week. They'll be added as an accessory just like the current SOIC/SOP8 clip.

I'm also looking into adding a cable for Asrock X570 and newer boards with their new 2.00mm header. Unfortunately I don't think there are enough boards with the Asrock 1.27mm header like on the X470 Taichi to justify a custom one for it. But the SOIC/SOP16 clip should do the job there anyhow.

The SOIC 16 test clip is now available here: