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Reference 5700xt troubles

I have three problems I am currently trying to solve.

- I can't seem to flash the bios I got off of the card using GPUZ on to a new GD25Q80CTIGR using the test clip on a chip not attached to a board. 

-After damaging a pad for the primary BIOS chip [Long story] and attaching a new bios chip to the unpopulated secondary BIOS location and adding the bios switch to the unpopulated spot on the board  AMD Flash sees the chip, but it is not write enabled no mater what I do with the switch. I am debating if I should just add a wire with a 10k resistor to ground straight to the enable pin to pull it low or try to find what I am missing in the dual bios circuit. 

-After practicing on my dead card [see above lol] I successfully added an I2C connector to one of the 2 IR35217s only to discover that the one I picked was not responsible for Vcore, and for the life of me cannot find a convenient place on the other one to solder to. 

Yes I have a new card that works, the old card clocks WAY better lol and If I want to mod the BIOS being able to flash it with a test clip will be a convenient way to rescue a bricked card, instead of ripping off a leg of the chip while adding test leads to be able to short two of the pins so that the machine would post after flashing it incorrectly.

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Sorry for the delay, I suggest you join Discord to get faster help with these issues.

  1. Chip should be compatible. It can be difficult to get good contact with the test clip, so probably that's the issue.
  2. I'm not sure about this problem, probably locked in software by AMD?
  3. I've tested reference 5700XT and was able to connect to both controllers, there should only be one I2C bus which they're both connected to. IIRC these pads are connected to it, but I'm not 100% sure.
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I went back and replaced the bios switch I added and that let me successfully flash the new chip that I added. Now the card won't initialize and even when booted on an iGPU the Radeon drivers just immediately crash. AMDflash being the only thing in the system that sees it and it thinks it's fine. If I try and boot with the display plugged into the card instead of the motherboard it loops. 

Since it won't initialize I also can't tell if moving the I2C leads to where you suggested worked at all.