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I can't control a temp for the HOT Heater Controller.

recently, I bought the HOT Heater Controller and EVC2SX. 

I can't control the temp. 

zone 2 raise 200 degree. other zone can't control. 

I tried to set a temp by the EVC2SX controller software. it doesn't work. but, the temp monitoring works as well. 

Does the controller part of HOT Heater Controller has broken?

How do i fix this issue? 

Please check it. 

Hello, it sounds like you've received a faulty unit. I suspect the MOSFET for zone 2 on the HOT-C board is bad and can't turn off. I'm not sure if you would be able to replace this part yourself? If you want to try, I can provide further instructions. Either way, I will arrange a new one to be sent to you. What was your order number?

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  • hot_zone2_fet.png

Dear elmor.

I sent my message to you by email. 

Thanks for your support.