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Firmware update using STM32CubeProgrammer

Below are instructions for updating the EVC2, EVC2S, EVC2SX, EVC2SX-L4 (note L4 specifically uses a different firmware binary) using STM32CubeProgrammer.

  1. Download and install STM32CubeProgrammer (version 2.9.0 as of writing)
  2. Place the BOOT0 jumper in the BL position (bootloader, the top two pins) and plug the USB cable to the EVC2
  3. The device should show up as STM32 BOOTLOADER in the Device Manager. If it shows up with a different name, you may need to change the driver manually.
  4. Open the STM32CubeProgrammer software and select USB in the drop down menu to the right and press the refresh button to enumerate devices.
  5. Connect to the device it finds and click the Download icon in the menu to the left.
  6. Browse and select the firmware file (.bin or .elf). You may need to enter the start address of 0x08000000 manually if using a bin-file.
  7. Select "Verify programming" and "Run after programming" and press "Start Programming".
  8. The device should now be updated with the new firmware and automatically start in EVC2 mode. You can now move the jumper back to the NO (normal operation, bottom two pins) position.


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