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evc2sx on 3090 FE ?


My magic box is underway for a Strix but was wondering whether I could also hook it up to a 3090 Founder's Edition.

If so, does anyone know the solder point ? (and which wire goes where on it)

And a last question to close off 🙂 How many cards can be hooked up to the evc2sx ?

Thanks in advance !


I also replied on Discord but not sure if you saw it. Nvidia RTX 3090 are de facto not supported right now. They use a different version of the MP2888B controller which appears locked for control. It's possible to monitor VRM parameters but not adjust them. The soldering points are also inconvenient.

Thanks Elmor, no problem, they are good performers by themselves, consistently 125mh/s at 293W as opposed to the Strix which only does 117 at 304W, so the latter is most in need of the Elmor magic anyways 🙂