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EVC2 Logging Tutorial

The below is valid as of software version Currently only logging to CSV is supported. In version which is yet to be released there's also a function to continuously write values to a text file which can be used for OSD.

  1. Open the EVC2 software, connect the EVC2 to your target and make sure the devices you want to monitor are detected and functioning normally
  2. Got to the device view which you want to log monitoring data from
  3. Right click the graph of the item you want to add
  4. Select "Add to Data Logger"
  5. Go the the main "EVC 2.0" item
  6. Press the "Data Logger" button
  7. Make sure the items you want to log are listed and checked
  8. Press "File..." to select where to save the CSV file
  9. Press "Start Logging" to ... start logging
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