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Dual 1366 Xeon Overclocking !?

MB: Asus Z8NA-D6C
CPU: 2x Intel Xeon X5675
GPU : Titan XP Collectors Edition

Hello everyone,
i need your help overclocking my PC.
I have 2 Xeons and i really want to overclock them but this MB does not have any options for overclocking .
I bought the EVC2SX and connected it to the PC , it recognizes 2 adresses : DEV SCAN OK FOUND 2 ADRESSES: 3F 6E
I dont know what to do now?

does someone know how it will go on now? 
i am sorry for spelling mistakes and grammar :D
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I don't have any specific knowledge about this board. Do you know which VRM controller and clockgen IC is on it?


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Hello ,
Yes, on this Board is the ICS932S421BGLF. I also found a little Chip near the CPU Socket with the name : uP6206AK ; Is it the Chip we are  looking for ?
There could be a second IC on this board because it has 2 Cpu´s but i only know the ICS932S421BGLF.




Here is a Picture of the chip

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Quote from OCxeon on 2021-12-28, 20:28

Here is a Picture of the chip


The uP6206 is not a digital controller (no I2C interface) and can't be used with EVC2 (unless you solder the VMOD header to the VRM FB circuit). It should be possible to adjust the CPU base clock frequency using the clockgen chip. I will have to get back to you on how to achieve it. To start with, can you make a dump of the I2C bus with Data length = 1 and upload here?

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I am sorry for the late reply.  This  PC is not at my Home 🙂 .  I have found out that this PC has two Clockgen Chips. The first one is the : ICS932S421BGLF and the second one is the:  ICS 9DB1200CGLF. I dont know why this board has two Clockgen chips??

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Overclocking dual Intel Xeon processors from the 1366 generation can be challenging and is generally not recommended for several reasons:

  1. Limited Overclocking Support: Many motherboards designed for Xeon processors do not support overclocking. Xeon processors are typically used in workstations and servers where stability and reliability are paramount, and overclocking can compromise these factors.

  2. Heat Generation: Xeon processors are built for stability and longevity, not for overclocking. Overclocking can lead to significantly increased heat production, and most server/workstation motherboards and cooling solutions are not designed to handle this additional heat.

  3. Risk of Instability and Data Loss: Overclocking can introduce system instability and crashes. In a server or workstation environment, this can lead to data loss or system downtime, which is generally unacceptable.

  4. Warranty and Support: Overclocking Xeon processors typically voids any warranty and support from Intel and the motherboard manufacturer.

  5. Compatibility Issues: Even if you manage to overclock your Xeon processors, you may encounter compatibility issues with software and drivers, as they are not optimized for overclocked setups.

If you require more processing power, it is usually better to invest in faster Xeon processors or a more powerful system altogether rather than attempting to overclock. Overclocking is generally reserved for consumer-grade CPUs, and attempting it with Xeon processors is risky and not recommended for professional or mission-critical environments.

If you are interested in increasing the performance of your system, consider consulting with a professional or upgrading your hardware through legitimate channels.

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