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working currently on an 680 classified / 770 lightning both use the CHL8318 controller.
so far i found out that both important registers are 0C (30+?) and 46.

so far as i understand i can enable voltage control when set the values in 46 ( 01,02 ) from 0 to 1
then i should send the wanted vid table to 0C/30/31/32?.

i am able to get the registers added in an xml, gets detected but further i cant get things to working.
is it possible to point me in the first direction add voltage monitoring for gpu as example?

attached my current xml here :

thanks and regards 🙂

I've been looking at CHL8318 and may have something for you to test soon. I think you've mixed up device addresses and registers. The devices found are 0C, 30, 46 and 4C (hex). The CHL8318 address here should be 46 as it's one of the programmable addresses listed in its datasheet. I've not found a reliable way to identify this IC based on its registers yet, as there's no mention of registers containing the vendor or product IDs listed in the datasheets.

Setting output voltage on this part should be done using the "Gamer Mode", which is enabled using register (or command as they prefer it) 0xD2. I think it's best to wait for my version as setting the wrong values can be risky. If you'd still like to proceed on your own, I can give you some commands to try.

edit: Address 0x30 is probably a NCT3931U current-DAC for controlling memory/PLL, can you use the manual function and read addr 30 reg 5D and reg 5E? Ideally 5D = 39 and 5E = 31.

Can you try this file with the latest software and see if you get correct monitoring data?!Atmpv-6qHr_6tY12rD5ynEbsj4ceUA?e=0XyH4P

You'll need to manually add the device at address 46.

hello, thanks for working on :-), is there any public datasheet available to have a look?

unfortunately the monitoring boxes wont show up, clicking on monitoring does nothing also.
as far i tested the monitoring boxes should be already there and with the click it just starting monitoring or?

You need software version not No public datasheet afaik.

ah 😛 my bad..

tested with the new version and voltage output voltage monitoring works so far.
with default voltage = output normal
with 1.250 set -> 1.240 monitored (1.262 multimeter )
with 1.300 set -> 1.290 monitored (1.131 multimeter)
looks like every 500mv there is an -10mv drop in monitoring.

temperature looks like the vrm temperature.

will report tomorrow with an 770 lightning.

PS: pls add an image upload function for the forum itself 🙂

The EVGA EPower is running CHL8318, so I thought it would be fun to have a look behind the scenes with this sweet little tool. The monitoring is all up and running perfectly!

Great I'll prepare the next step for adding voltage control and others. It will probably require another software and firmware update.