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ASUS VGA Hotwire help

Hi, I'm currently running 3x GTX980Ti Strix cards and was looking to try and push them to the limit before upgrading to RTX. I want to use VGA Hotwire with the ASUS OC Panel to tweak voltages. The OC Panel has 2 headers for to GPUs I would probably need a EVC2 to run the third card or 3xEVC2s. Im also unsure where I need to be soldering to activate VGA Hotwire on the GTX980Ti Strix. Any help on this would be great or point me to someone that may have a better idea.

You have a lot of options in this case, which controller is on your cards?

  1. Hotwire using OC Panel (2 channels) or EVC2 VMOD header (2 channels). In this case you're only overriding the output voltage by modifying the controller feedback and may still run into OCP or OVP.
  2. I2C control of the on-board NCT3933U chip which performs the same function as hotwire, but is integrated on the card itself. 
  3. I2C control of the VRM controller using EVC2 depending on the VGA version.
  4. There's a simple software which can do voltage control. Different software for different VGA version.
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