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780 dcuii powercard no 12v sense


I've been working on making a powercard with a 780 dcuii. So far i have got the asp1212 powered on and connect to it as a i2c device with a raspberry pi. Before chopping up the card I got full voltage control, etc.. working via i2c. Unfortunetly the voltage divider / vinsen of the asp1212 isn't reciving voltage. Manually providing 3.3v to the resistor marked vinsen with my multimeter in current mode reads as ~15v on the asp1212 so the adc on the card seems to work fine. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


powercard progress

annotated asp1212


Vinsen on this controller should have a voltage divider from +12V that gives a ratio of 12.8:1 (top 11.8kohm, bottom 1kohm). Ex an input voltage of 12.8V should input 1.0V to Vinsen. So 12V connected to 11.8kohm to Vinsen, and GND to 1kohm to Vinsen.