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6900 XT Liquid Devil Ultimate

Good day, 

This will be the first time I will be diving into physically modding a GPU. Which is ironic, considering one of my first builds was a two stage cascade phase change system. Currently, I am waiting on a new chiller to swap everything over to more a of a 24/7 friendlier rig. 

Regardless, right now w/o MPT I am able to push my LDU to 2800-2900MHZ w/ all Wattman settings maxed out on just a 280rad.  MPT does not seem to work and every attempt to flash the bios w/ RBE has failed (luckily without bricking). Thus, I went ahead and ordered a EVC2 because fuck it, lol. 

To the point of my post, is there a video tutorial of soldering GPUs/ tips/ tricks. Recommended tools for the job.

I ask, because I know the points of contact are extremely small and I do not want to overshoot while installing. 

Apologies for the newb request, but this one is new to me.  

Thank you


The header type on 6900XT may be slightly different but you can check this video: . If you want live support feel free to join the Discord channel: