AMPLE 20A Power Card *discontinued*


Small single-phase power card capable of 20A output current at 1.0 to 3.4V output.

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Update 2021-05-19: New revision (AMPLE1P1G) is now in stock. The potentiometer is now adjustable by hand, there’s an added V- sense point, increased OCP and improvements to ground noise.

The AMPLE1P is a 20A capable power card implemented using a single-phase step-down buck converter. It is optimized for operating from a 12V power supply but can work with down to 4.5V input. At the maximum output current and voltage, it achieves up to 91.5% efficiency. The output voltage can be controlled using the on-board variable resistor. By connecting it to an EVC2 device, the output voltage can be digitally monitored and controlled.

Product specification

  • Output voltage adjustable 1.0-3.4 V using the on-board potentiometer (range can be increased by adding your own potentiometer)
  • Nominal input voltage 12 V (functional from 4.5 V up to 16 V)
  • Max output current 20 A (thermally limited). Active cooling may be required to achieve high output current.
  • Efficiency at max output 91.5% (3.4 V, 20 A, 750 KHz)
  • Switching frequency selectable between 300 KHz and 750 KHz
  • OVP (+20%), OCP (24A) and OTP (Tj = 150*C)
  • Output voltage can be monitored and adjusted using the EVC2 VMOD1-header
  • Ships with a PCIE 6-pin power connector which can be soldered on by the user

Datasheet v03:!Atmpv-6qHr_6yL5CD2r0sQPNB-C6RA?e=ux8q8Q