USB-C Power & Data Switch for Raspberry Pi 4


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A small adapter board that increases the flexibility of the Raspberry Pi 4 USB Type-C port by providing two separate inputs. One port supports USB 2.0 data and power with selectable 0.5 A or 2.5 A current limit. The second port supplies power only and can handle up to 4 A. Both ports can be used to power the device at the same time for increased current, for example two 2 A power supplies could be used to supply 4 A of current.

Note: The first production batch comes with a free pre-attached bodge resistor due to a manufacturing issue


  • 1x USB Type-C Input (Power & Data) up to 0.5 A or 2.5 A
  • 1x USB Type-C Input (Power) up to 4 A
  • 1x USB Type-C Output to device
  • J1 header for adjusting IO-port current limit