ElmorLabs AMPLE-X1 Power Card


Small single-phase power card capable of up to 45A output current at 0.6 to 5.0V output.

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The AMPLE-X1 is a power card implemented using a single-phase step-down buck converter. It is optimized for operating from a 12V power supply but can work with down to 4.5V input. It achieves up to 91.7% efficiency and the parameters can be monitored and controlled digitally by connecting it to EVC2.

AMPLE-X1 with EVC2 software

Product specification

  • Output voltage 0.6-5.0 V (default 1.0V, adjustable through I2C)
  • Input voltage from 4.5 V up to 14 V
  • Max output current 45A. Active cooling may be required to achieve high output current. Without active cooling max current is about 20-30A depending on the output voltage.
  • Efficiency up to 91.7% (2.5 V, 15 A, 600 KHz)
  • Switching frequency selectable between 300 KHz and 1500 KHz
  • OVP, OCP (52A) and OTP (Tj = 125*C)
  • Can be monitored and adjusted using I2c
  • Ships with a PCIE 6-pin power connector which can be soldered on by the user
  • PMIC Vishay SiC450


  • 2x Cu heatsink 20x20x4 mm
  • 2x thermal pad 10x10x0.5 mm
  • 3-pin I2C cable
  • 6-pin PCI-E power connector