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The P80DB1L card allows you to display motherboard debug information sent to port 80 on the LPC bus, even if there’s no on-board display on your motherboard. It uses an Altera/Intel Max V CPLD which decodes the debug data and displays them on a 7-segment display. The prerequisite is that there’s a TPM or LPC debug header on the motherboard. Pinouts of the card, cables and standard motherboard headers can be found here.

This product comes with:

  • 8 and 30 cm cables for ASUS/Gigabyte motherboards (2×5 2.00mm LPC/TPM header)
  • 8 and 30 cm cables for MSI motherboards (2×7 2.0mm JTPM header)
  • 8 and 30 cm cables for ASRock motherboards (2×9 2.0mm TMPS header)
  • 8 and 30 cm cables for power and reset buttons (front panel header)
  • 3M double sided tape 20×46 mm