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X470 Taichi / EVC2


I'll move this to "User projects", hope you don't mind.

No problem, you know better how to manage the forums 🙂

Ok, I'll get in touch when I get the clip. I still don't know exactly where is supposed to go into the EVC2 (I see the clip has 8 pins, but separated). I guess only when I have the clip here I can figure that out.

Stupid me, I had the clip here in a drawer for months and I forgot.

Is this connected correctly? The red cable is on Pin1 (triangle) in the EVC2N4 SPI Booster Adapter.

I didn't use the adapted that came with the clip. The pins are separated and there is no way to hook it to the EVC2

It happens 🙂 Normally that would be the correct way to plug it. I see your test clip has all 16 pin routed to a 2x8 2.54mm connector, do you have a full picture of it? As long as the pins are re-routed to work with a standard 2x4 or 2x5 pin header it would work, such as this one:

Here are two pics showing both sides of the clip. This one I bought according as per directions from Veii. I think he mentioned a 16 to 8 adapted. But I never saw that.

This is the one I ordered today. It has the right 2x4 plug.

Unfortunately I don't think your existing clip will work as it maps the SOIC16 pins 1:1 with the connector, unless you can remap it yourself. Normally you'd just need to remove the heatshrink and re-solder the wires in the correct order, I can help you with instructions if you'd like to attempt it. The new one you ordered should work well as it remaps to DIP8 which uses the same pinout as SOIC8 and matches how the header is layed out.

I guess I'll keep that clip as is, just in case I need it in the future and use the one I just ordered. 🙂

Thanks for your help. 🙂

Hi! 🙂

Asrock provided me with the pinout for that port.

They confirmed it is a SPI header and their answer is:

"We cannot make sure how other vendors BIOS programmer design in detail, so we cannot guarantee if there is any compatibility problem."

Yes Asrock boards needs EVC2N4 SPI standard Booster Adapter which works well