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The pinout of the two 7segement displays

for a modified version of the "LPC Debug Card" I would need the pinout of the 7segement displays.

The plan is to desolder the displays and then attach cables to the PBC and the other end of the cable will be attached to  bigger 7segement displays or to an Arduino that has a Display which shows then the specific the message.


I hope that it is Ok to post it here.

Sounds like a cool project 🙂

See the below image, shown from the back of the board. The 7-segment displays are of common cathode type.

You don't necessarily need to remove the 7-segment displays to achieve what you want to do. You could solder wires to the 3.3V signal before the resistor network (ex L1_A for segment A of the least significant digit). This image is from the front of the board.

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Christoph Krien

I have finished the first version for Arduino:

In the folder "Arduino" is the specific data.

How is it working?