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Controlling EVGA's Classified/KingPin Series Cards

I have updated to latest Firmware .006 and Software I can verify ( I have physically connected, monitored, and modified the GPU Voltage) that the EVC2 I2C will connect to EVGA's GTX-680 -> GTX-980Ti Classified/Kingpin Series EVBot connector. I had my GTX-580 Classified connected (I2C & PMBus) and it worked for ~15min before all software stopped reading it (EVC2, GPU-Z, MSI AB, Ect, Ect).

With it connected, you can monitor and change Voltage on the GPU. I do not know if a future update will also allow voltage control of the Memory as the real EVBot does?

You can only have one window/instance of the software running. This means with 2 or more cards connected/controlling you have to constantly switch between I2C's that are connected 🙁  A future update to allow viewing of 2+ separate screens of monitoring information from 2+ separate cards  at the same time? Ultimately being able to view 4 screens (spanning multiple EVC2 Controllers??) From 4 Video Cards at the same time.

A future update to allow connecting/controlling more Video Chips. MSI AB already has an extensive library of Controllers programed, can you interface EVC2's software into this?

This was my quick review of the EVC2 Hardware and Software after playing with it for 2 weeks (~12days). My main reason for buying the EVC2 was to see and verify that it can work as a replace for the EVBot Controller (Discontinued) and a R-Pi.

Thank You For You Time -In Reading My Post - Phil (


Thank you for the feedback, it's really useful. Probably the EVC2 didn't play nice with one of the monitoring softwares and cause the bus to be in a broken state. I see the problem with having to switch between screens. I'll have to look at how to solve it, probably being able to detach a screen from the main window would be good. Supporting two software instances accessing the same device could potentially cause some issues.

@maddmutt I recently worked on two issues related to your experience. On bug which would cause issues in multi-master situations (such as GPU-Z and EVC2 at the same time), it's fixed in FW 0007 which isn't public yet. I've also added a feature that allows for breaking out devices into separate windows to allow monitoring and adjustment at at the same time (SW, also not public yet). Let me know if you want to try it and I'll send you the release.