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Asus strix 1080 ti

After some flailing about with this 1080 ti strix with the MP2888a controller:

Flipping 'VOUT CONTROL' to 'PMbus' gave me rock solid voltage settings.

Whereas with this set to 'PWM-VID', I can press apply with the same settings and get random vout or no effect.

Standard i2c connection to MP2888a is absolutely viable via the scon102.

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As far as I know, Strix 1080 Ti should use uP9511. I've only seen MP2888A on Strix RTX 2080Ti and RTX 3000 series. It's possible there are updated variants though.  Could you provide some pictures and screenshots?

I would get more screens but I have the pot mounted still. i2c detection shows MP2888A as well, does a bunch of nothing, or random 1.7v load scenarios with i2c control.

The EVC2SX was "working" with i2c control so I went ahead and started benching it, to find out it was setting rando voltages load-load.

Even setting up my old ROG controller with hotwire functionality does nothing. ( may need update )

I have some gas left if you need anything tested. All the EVC2 software images resulted in about 1.5v~. but I could click apply again and it would set something different. highest erroneous was 1.72v and some smoke as I apparently burned Vaseline off my VRM mosfets.

Im looking at EVC to hotwire functionality now, ill report back on that as well.

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One good one of the vc area.

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I have updated the OP. and on that note, going back to fix a spelling mistake.

Thank you for the pictures, seems you found what I was going to suggest (changing from PWM-VID to PMBus). PWM-VID will just use the GPU requested voltage and add the offset you specify while ignoring the Vout Command value.

Holy smokes!

That's the 3rd version of 1080 Ti Strix that I've seen. I have 2 cards, one with uP9511, the other with uP9022, but both identical PCB wise. Yours is heavily different, What is your full device ID, PN and bios ver? @xinoxide