EVC hooked up to the memory SMBus

Through an idea by Jake Crimmins at Corsair of using the EVC for programming the SPD of DDR3 memory modules, I’ve started working on an implementation of such a feature in the eVc software. I’ve tapped in to the memory SMBus interface and successfully read/written SPD data, simply put it works great. Currently I’m working to make the interface more user friendly as it’s now just all about reading/writing hex bytes to the correct registers.

DDR3 dummy DIMM

All you need to do is to connect the EVC to the SDA/SCL pins of the memory slot and you can start editing the SPD of your memory. I achieved this through a dummy DDR3 dimm pictured above. I could then read and write the SPD using the EVC software using the custom read/write menu option. Right now I’m developing a more user friendly interface, it’s beginning with a full readout of the SPD from a Corsair Vengance Pro 1866C9 module (CMY16GX3M2A1866C9) is shown below.

SPD readout

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