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EVC2 Beta Software

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Quote from elmor on 2022-10-19, 23:25
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Hi Elmor,
Coming back to the mp2891, i am trying to use the tool on a 3090 ti galax ex gamer and noticed this also use the same voltage controller listed above. 
Please Could you clarify where i can connect scl-sda-gnd on the j5007 connector? Thanks
Here some pictures of the circuit board:
Hi, please note voltage control is probably not working on MP2891 yet. Only monitoring and maybe Loop 2 (Memory Voltage) control.
J5007 does look promising. Can you check continuity with a multimeter from the MP2891 IC pin #15 (SDA) and pin#16 (SCL) to the J5007 pins? Ground you can check for example from the screw hole with exposed copper above the MEC21 text.
Hi Elmor, I've checked continuity and it's only to the square circle on j5007. I guess that would be ground. 
Hi, FYR voltage control is working with MP2891 with this software version:!Atmpv-6qHr_63JgdlCr0gwxJQ7cHuQ?e=sG6HO1

Hello, did you manage to solve this? Do you have any value that's dynamic or for adjustment? Or just write fixed values each time? If just fixed values I'd recommend sending it using the EVC2Lib or its CLI implementation.


is there a delay/wait instruction available ?




another idea i have to improve xml device file:

<page>3F</page> <!-- set page(cmd 0x00) to 3F, use in <register></register> -->

I've just tried the latest version from GitHub, see here: ElmorLabs/PMD-USB: Software for ElmorLabs PMD-USB (

The firmware of my device has been updated to EVC2_L412.elf using STM32CubeProgrammer. 

When I try to connect to the device an error message pops up, see attached screenshot. 

The following line of code always returns false. 

// ID
bool result = PMD_USB_SendCmd(UART_CMD.UART_CMD_READ_ID, 3);

Btw, EVC2 works well, see screenshot below. 

Uploaded files:
  • Screenshot-2023-09-02-105101.png
  • EVC2_1.0.1.10.png
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