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EVC2 Beta Firmware

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I have successfully updated it to Version .006. I had to switch to my z390 motherboard with Win 10 installation. I have also re-checked it against my GTX-980Ti and it now works (IR3595 Controller). Will also leave feedback in the software section 🙂 Great Product 

Ah great you got it working. Sorry I missed the forum notifications. Fastest way to get support is through discord at the moment 🙂


I've promised to get the linux flashing instructions really long time ago. I've recently recovered my profile on the forums, so here's what you need to flash the firmware from a linux machine. Not sure why anyone would want that at the moment, but perhaps there are people using linux as a daily OS and want to quickly flash a new firmware on EVC2.

Firs of all, move the jumper to the BOOT position (2-3) and connect the cable.

Then, you need dfu-util

$ sudo apt install dfu-util

After successful install, you can verify the util sees the device by typing

$ sudo dfu-util -l
dfu-util 0.9

Copyright 2005-2009 Weston Schmidt, Harald Welte and OpenMoko Inc.
Copyright 2010-2020 Tormod Volden and Stefan Schmidt
This program is Free Software and has ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
Please report bugs to

Found DFU: [0483:df11] ver=2200, devnum=4, cfg=1, intf=0, path="1-7", alt=1, name="@Option Bytes /0x1FFFF800/01*016 e", serial="FFFFFFFEFFFF"
Found DFU: [0483:df11] ver=2200, devnum=4, cfg=1, intf=0, path="1-7", alt=0, name="@Internal Flash /0x08000000/064*0002Kg", serial="FFFFFFFEFFFF"

The device we're looking for is the Internal Flash (alt=0).

It's always good to make a backup first

sudo dfu-util -a 0 -U backup.dfu

Finally, flash the new firmware (replace firmware name with the one you're flashing)

sudo dfu-util -a 0 -D EVC2_0008c.dfu

Disconnect the USB cable, move the jumper to position (1-2) and reconnect the cable.

Quote from miramiles on 2021-08-28, 01:58

I also have the same case.

Hello, which one are you referring to?

I'm pretty sure I've bricked my EVC2SX-03 (STM32F072C) - I think I got mixed up with the whole DFU and then non-DFU bootloader and at one point had both STM programs installed ... Then in trying to fix it choose one of the options "erase everything" and now I'm at a point where the only time my EVC is recognized by Windows 11 is when it is in bootloader mode.  When I switch the jumper back and try and access it in EVC mode I just get this in device manager:  "Unknown USB Device (Port Reset Failed)"

Anyway to unbrick myself?


I mean look at this:

07:31:02 : USB speed : Full Speed (12MBit/s)
07:31:02 : Manuf. ID : STMicroelectronics
07:31:02 : Product ID : STM32 BOOTLOADER
07:31:02 : SN : FFFFFFFEFFFF
07:31:02 : DFU protocol: 1.1
07:31:02 : Board : --
07:31:02 : IAP
07:31:02 : UPLOADING ...
07:31:02 : Size : 1024 Bytes
07:31:02 : Address : 0x8000000
07:31:02 : Read progress:
07:31:02 : Data read successfully
07:31:02 : Time elapsed during the read operation is: 00:00:00.481

I don't even have a serial # anymore lol! Let me know if I should just order a new EVC?

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